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Hotel in Sochi, in a ski resort, with a payback of 2 years

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Alexey Smirnov
City or Region
UAE, Dubai
Urgently sold hotel in the city of Sochi, in the center of the ski resort "Krasnaya Polyana", with a payback of 2 years. The business is 15 years old.

For the duration of the FIFA World Cup (June - July 2018) - all rooms were booked at a very high cost per room (in excess of the profit for the month of FIFA World Cup was 35 million rubles or 560 000 Dollars).

And in 2019 in Sochi will host the World Boxing Championship, so the buyer of our hotel, except for the winter seasons, will earn very high profits in the summer season of 2019.

The hotel is 1322.5 sq.m., The land plot - 1081 sq.m., 2 garages - 56.9 sq.m.
Land, hotel building and garages owned by a private person.
On the territory of two garages, barbecue.
The building is three-storey, has a basement and attic floors.
Number of rooms: 24 rooms: including 5 double rooms, in the attic - 2-room apartments, with kitchen, shower, toilet, sauna,
In the building: 2 rooms for staff, 1 office. Total number of rooms 33.
On the first floor there is a kitchen, a restaurant, a bar, a lounge, a fireplace, a study, a bathroom, a gym, a billiard room.
In the basement there are a sauna, a swimming pool, 2 drying rooms for skiers, an ironing room, a boiler room.
Accommodation for up to 83 guests
All communications are urban, heating - its own boiler room.

The distance to the lifts of cable cars is only a few kilometers (to the ski resorts of tourists from the hotel delivers a special car), in the hotel there are all conditions for a comfortable stay in winter - during skiing and snowboarding.
The hotel offers a fitness room for physical fitness, a picnic barbecue area, a cozy billiard room with an American pool table, a Finnish sauna with a small pool, a guarded parking lot, a restaurant with excellent cuisine.
The developed infrastructure, hospitality of staff and convenient location allow us to call this hotel one of the most comfortable on Krasnaya Polyana.

The hotel is in a lease, tenants are long-term, ready to renew the contract with the new owner.
Since the hotel has been working for many years, the hotel has its regular customers all year round, including foreigners. The hotel is fully booked from the end of December until the end of the ski season, that is, the occupancy rate is 100% - January, February, March, April. In the ski season, the price per room rises to 25,000 rubles ($ 450) per day. The restaurant in the ski season serves 50 people a day, even the hotel guests do not dine.
In the summer the hotel is also in demand, contracts have been concluded with tour companies that bring tourists. The hotel occupancy in summer is 80%.

Sale of the hotel in connection with the move abroad.

The price is 2,700,000 dollars.
Posted:   27 March 2018
Ad No:   2588
Ad Status:   Normal
Updated:   23 September 2018
Viewed:   161
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